Live Ink is changing e-publishing
because it’s changing e-reading.

The days of placing print-ready files online are over. Consumers flat-out reject it . . . even when it’s free.

The Live Ink text format changes e-publishing because it solves the problem of readability. From news and information to literature and educational materials, e-publishers are delivering dynamic pages of text that work within each of their own proprietary delivery pages.

Live Ink supports your
product development

Live-Ink development teams are selecting leading electronic publishers to assist them with the development of the next generation of news/information websites as well as textbook/educational services.   Publishers interested in discussing Live Ink possibilities are urged to contact Adam Gordon at 952-854-9391.


US Patent No. 5,802,533 and Patents Pending.
Live Ink® is a registered trademark of Walker Reading Technologies, Inc.