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Dead Ink vs. Live Ink

When in the Course of human events, it
becomes necessary for one people to
dissolve the political bands which have
connected them with another, and to assume
among the powers of the earth, the separate
and equal station to which the Laws of
Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a
decent respect to the opinions of mankind
requires that they should declare the causes
which impel them to the separation.
  When in the Course
         of human events,
       it becomes necessary
             for one people
            to dissolve the political bands
          which have
                connected them with another,
       and to assume
             among the powers
                 of the earth,
         the separate and equal station
           to which the Laws
                 of Nature
               and of Nature's God
                entitle them,
       a decent respect
             to the opinions
                 of mankind requires
           that they
              should declare the causes
                which impel them
                     to the separation.

How Block Text Impedes Visual and Grammatical Processing.

Live Ink® Combines and Coordinates Visual and Grammatical Processing

1.Arbitrary line breaks in mid-phrase and mid-thought.1.Line breaks at phrase and clause boundaries.
2.Long rows of type with multiple eye-span fixations.2.Shorter rows of 1 or 2 fixation spans.
3.No visual relation between phrases and clauses.3.Cascading phrases ease comprehension of larger sentences.
4.‘Sea of words’ forces previously viewed words to be forgotten in order to focus on new ones.4.Short rows easier to focus on and keep in memory.
5.No visual cue to return eyes to correct row.5.Varied indentation guides eyes to correct row.

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Live Ink Home Page
What is Live Ink?About WRT IncReading
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